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Melrose Airpark

This is an aerial view of the Melrose Landing Airpark paved runway. There is a grass runway that continues to the Southwest.

Classic Stearman

Rob Varney giving rides in his Stearman

The Mooney Hangar

The view out of Rob McGuires Hangar with his Mooneys

The Flight line

A view of the flight line during the annual Chili Cook-Off

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Member Information and Document Area

Association General Information

We have a total of 429 lots in the MAPOA Community, 378 OFF airport members and 51 ON airport members. The entire Association membership has access to both the airport facilities and to the Association Common area known as "The Landing" located at 126 Melrose Landing Drive. See the Common Area Guidelines below if you would like to use "The Landing".

The 378 OFF airport lot owners do NOT pay any airport related expenses unless they lease a tie down for the current calendar year.

The 378 OFF airport members may use the airport facilities but are limited to ten days use per year. Anything above that, an aircraft tie down in the common area would need to be leased for the calendar year in the common area. You will need to pay the assessments for the airpark via the dues and fees schedule below.

HOA board business will be posted on this site within five business days of receipt.

Secure Member Areas

This is a protected area, please use your member ID and password to enter either membership area. If you don't have the codes please contact Guardian Association Management at 352-562-7455 and they will verify your ownership and send you the access codes. Remember to supply your name and lot number in the request. The password protected areas on this web site will contain member documents including meeting minutes, postal mailings and other documents related to your membership.

HOA Member Area

          Members Click Here for Access

Airport Member Area

          Members Click Here for Access

Common Area "The Landing"

When the original developer created the Melrose Area Property Owners Association they deeded the property at 126 Melrose Landing Drive as the common area for use by all members.

It may seem to some that this property is owned by the airport because it is within the airport boundary, but that is not the case. It is owned by the Association for everyone to use. Please exercise extreme caution when using the common area. It is located  within an active aircraft operation area.

The building "The Landing" stands on this common area property and was built by association members free of charge to the Association (no cost to you). The facility can be used by any member for functions. 

We have set up guidelines and rules for the use of this facility. Please read and familiarize yourself with them first. See the HOA Document section below.

To schedule the use of this facility please contact Guardian Association Management directly or send an email to your Board of Directors at . Please give us the name and contact information for the mail point of contact, the date, time, and what kind of event you are having.


Yearly Dues and Fees

  • All Residents - Association Dues $79.00
  • Airpark Residents - Airport Maintenance Assessment $207.00 (Variable)
  • Airpark Residents - Airport Reserve Fund $800.00
  • Tie Down Lessees - 2019 Tie Down Fee $246.14 (increases every year by index)
  • Tie Down Lessees - Airport Maintenance Assessment $207.00 (Variable)
  • Tie Down Lessees - Airport Reserve Fund $800.00

Home Owner Online Access System

You may now make your dues payments online using this link If you don't know your account number you may contact Guardian Association Management.

Late Fees

All payment are due on January 1st of each year.
Once an account is charged for any fees, no account fees can be waived.
 *Payment arrangements are available

The following is how the late charges are applied:
  • $25.00 – Late fee (charge applied on March 1th)
  • 18% - interest charge (monthly on unpaid balances)
  • $75.00 – Intent to Lien Notice (charge applied on May 1st) Homeowner has 45 days to pay in full.
  • $175.00 – File transferred to attorney office (if not paid within 45 days)

HOA Communications to Members

Airport Documents

  1. Airstrip Regulations - March 2020
  2. Airstrip Regulations - February 2021
  3. Airstrip Regulations - March 2021

HOA Lot Maps

  1. Airport Lot Map
  2. HOA Melrose Landing Map
  3. HOA Long Lake Estates Map 2

Home Owner Association Governing Documents

  1. MAPOA Declaration of Restrictions and Protective Covenants
  2. MAPOA Articles of Incorporation
  3. MAPOA Bylaws - May 2007
  4. Legal Decisions - January 2011
  5. "The Landing" Guidelines and Rules for use
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