Melrose Landing Airpark

One of Florida airparks continuing to grow.

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Melrose Airpark

This is an aerial view of the Melrose Landing Airpark paved runway. There is a grass runway that continues to the Southwest.

Classic Stearman

Rob Varney giving rides in his Stearman

The Mooney Hangar

The view out of Rob McGuires Hangar with his Mooneys

The Flight line

A view of the flight line during the annual Chili Cook-Off

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About Us

In the Beginning:

The airport was started in the mid 1980's. If anyone has any more history on it please send me the webmaster an email with some details and I'll add it to the site.

The Growing Years:

The Airpark originally had just a grass runway but sometime after development a resident drug dealer with a big twin got stuck in a soggy runway and offered the Board of Directors to pave the runway for free. Of course they agreed to it and he paved 3400 feet of runway for the Airpark. Of course he eventually got caught. Later on some local residents all chipped in to put runway lights in and we had a small beacon put up on a local property owners lot. Rob McGuire donated the first set of LED runway lights real airport runway end light fixtures. We recently purchased a new larger beacon and a new forty foot tower and erected it all near the landing community center.

Where we're going:

We have been investigating an instrument approach for the airport and other improvements.

Team Bio:


personel bio pic(William Diederich - HOA President): William is a new resident to Melrose Landing Airpark. He has over 20 years of executive, board level reporting as a Chief Information Officer, and is a veteran IT professional with a passion for Technology, Security and General Aviation. His aviation experience includes over 40 years as a pilot with many certifications including Airline Transport Pilot and Gulfstream G-III Type Rating.

personel bio pic(Robert McGuire - HOA Secretary and AEC Secretary): Robert has been a Melrose resident since about 1997 and has been slowly developing his property on the runway. He has many hobbies and is know up north as the Renaissance Man. He currently holds Flight instructor certificates along with A&P w IA. He has a lovely hangar on the property and is now planning to build a home on the property. Robert was instrumental in actually hiring the HOA management firm for the community. He also created, built, and manages this web site for the community. Rob currently flies a Mooney Allegro.

personel bio pic(Dawn Finney - HOA Treasurer): Dawn stepped in to help us when one of our officers resigned due to health issues and really started putting the books together. Without her help the Association would have been struggling to update all the records and keep current with things. She also helped immensely during the transition to get data updated and over to the new firm.

personel bio pic(Larry Collins - AEC President): Larry is a retired Southwest Airlines check pilot and has a lovely home and hangar on the runway. He has been instrumental in keeping the community going for a long time. Larry currently owns a Piper Cherokee.

personel bio pic(Steve Grasley - AEC Treasurer): Steve is a newer resident of the Melrose Airpark and started his own design firm  K2M Design years ago after retiring from a corporate career. He recently came onboard to fill in a vacancy.

personel bio pic(Dave Trubey - Airport Manager): Dave has been a resident of Melrose Landing since 2003 who had moved from the Sanford airport for a better life at Melrose. Dave flies a nice Piper Archer.

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